Day 7 update – only 6 nautical miles to go!

Guy’s group is down from 9 to 6, but the US base camp is within sight and only about 6 nautical miles away.

Find out more by listening to Guy’s latest voice blog here.

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Demi McLean

How amazing, Guy! On behalf of Jovanni McLean, who lost his fight to cancer, Thank you!


I’m wrapped up and looking like a marshmallow here in dearest cold blighty so I can’t begin to imagine just how chilly it is with you right now!!???
Keep moving mate, 6 miles to soak up and another tick to add to the box of an already long list of crazy achievements!!!
Proud of you!!!


Nearly there Guy. Enjoy those last few miles….

Jen Weber


Day 7 update – only 6 nautical miles to go!